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No university is complete without a campus library for study sessions and reference books. Here, you’ll find supplemental materials and downloadable PDFs to keep your knowledge sharp, as well as whitepapers and presentations to aid in building your book of business with self-funded clients.

7 Questions Employers Should Ask
5 Ways to Save
A New Start Case Study
Association Background Questionnaire
Association Health Plan FAQs
Association Health Plan
Association Health Plan Case Study
Association Member Survey
Behavioral and Mental Health Cost Containment Strategies eBook
Captive Collateral
Captive Comparison Chart
Captive Economic Model
Cash Flow Considerations
Controlling Costs with RS's Captive
Cost Containment Philosophy
CSI Dashboard: Pharmaceutical Insights
CSI Works for YOU
Health Benefits Funding Solutions
How to Use Your Claims Data to Contain Costs eBook
Medical Captive Fact Sheet
Medical Captives FAQs
Screening a Telemedicine Provider
Self-Funding Trend Infographic
Strategies to Contain the Rising Costs of Pharmacy eBook
The Cost Savings Investigators
The Roundstone Difference
The Roundstone Guarantee
Tips To Understanding Your CPS
Totem Solutions Case Study
United Food Bank Case Study
Urgent Care Cost Containment Strategies eBook
What Your Fully Insured Insurance Carrier Doesn't Want You to Know eBook
Why Bermuda